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    Looking for the perfect neckband headphones to match your busy and active lifestyle? Try NOCORD Electronics™!

    Neckband headphones have become more popular over the last few years - especially for people who are always on the move and spend a lot of time taking calls. They are also a favorite of athletes who train - be it at the gym or out cycling or running. 

    They are convenient and easy to use, wireless to keep your hands free and lightweight to keep your head free from the tight headbands of other headphones. They are also compact enough to not get in the way of your concentration at the gym. 

    NOCORD Electronics NC01 Bluetooth headphones is just the ideal pair for you!

    Lightweight, ergonomic and compact, you can continuously listen to music and take calls while your hands are free to work on other things. When not in use, simply hang it around your neck, making them easier to locate than normal earbuds when an urgent call comes in.

    They are perfect to use while working out and compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device for quick pairing and connectivity. Its IPX5 design makes it both sweatproof and waterproof so you can keep listening despite any changes in the weather. 

    Enjoy hassle-free listening with these Bluetooth headphones. Try NOCORD Electronics™ TODAY!